Posh pups, rejoice! Your organic treats have just arrived!

We are so happy to carry delicious organic dog treats from the Paw Street Barkery! For over 10 years, Paw Street Barkery has been making yummy dog treats for furry family members. How did it all start?  The owner, Shawn, a microbiologist, wanted to know exactly what his pup was eating, so he came up with a dog treat he could trust. That ended up being the Chicken Bow-wow treat, which is one of the items we proudly carry!

At Paw Street Barkery, every one of the healthy dog biscuits and gourmet dog treats is baked with wholesome, human-grade ingredients--the same stuff you'd buy for yourself at the supermarket. Get ready for the tail wags, face licks, and puppy love. Your posh pup will go crazy for these treats!

Get them today!

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