Ready for cooler weather?

Welcome to our new product launch! Cooler weather is on the way! Explore our exquisite collection of beautiful throws, wraps, and scarves featuring 100% Merino Lambswool, an ultrafine wool from the Merino species of sheep. Taken from the first shearing of the lamb when it is typically around seven months old, Merino wool is much finer than many other species, from 15-20 microns (a human hair is around 40 microns). This is why the Merino Lambswool makes for a super-soft, luxurious feel, ideal for scarves, throws, and other items worn close to the skin.

These products are manufactured by Abraham Moon & Sons Ltd, producing quality wool products at their mill in Yorkshire, England, since 1837. This is one of the last remaining vertical mills in England, which has been operating since the end of the Industrial Revolution. They are world leaders in dyeing, spinning, weaving, blending, and finishing, producing beautiful products that you can cherish for a lifetime!

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