Stop and smell the roses

Sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses, or frankly, whatever our favorite scents are. During the pandemic, many fragrance companies have seen upticks in sales. Customers are using scent to create variety in their surroundings, since they are spending so much time in their homes. We absolutely love fragrance and how peaceful it makes us feel. In fact, we have spent many years trying various brands and scents to determine our personal favorites. In other words, we've taken much of the guess work out of it for you, and we encourage you to try our wonderful product selections and experience them for yourself. Our Candles and Scents section contains bath and shower gel, fizz balls, hand wash, candles, linen sprays, sachets, and hand sprays. We don't carry any products unless we love them and use them ourselves, so shop with confidence. We are also very excited about our private label candle collection. It will be here very soon. Stay tuned!

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