When was the last time you relaxed with a bit of self-care?

Let's face it: there's no shortage of stressful events in 2020! It's been a while since we last flew on an airplane, but I remember the message vividly from the flight attendants: "Put your oxygen mask on first,” before helping others. Why is this an important rule for ensuring survival? Because if you run out of oxygen yourself, you can't help anyone else with their oxygen mask. When was the last time you invested in self-care?

We have created a much more relaxing environment in our own home by burning wonderful scented candles all day long! This has really helped us to enjoy our atmosphere and to focus better. We also love to relax by creating a spa-like environment in our bathroom and letting the stress melt away. There are many ways to reduce stress and to begin a process of self-care--the important part is to begin doing this before you run out of oxygen!

If you are interested in some great options to help you begin your own self-care routine, here are some links to help!

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