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Olivewood Candle

Olivewood Candle

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Imagine yourself walking through an olive grove:  sun-warmed branches shading a grassy, sandy terrain below your feet.  The Olivewood Candle is an earthy, textured wood fragrance with green herbaceous essences, a fabulous choice for earthy-fragrance lovers.  Made in the USA.


Top Note:  Rosemary, bitter lemon peel

Mid Note:  Clary sage

Base Note:  Sunned olivewood, atlas cedar


    Size:  9 oz.


    Benefits of Soy Wax:
    Soy wax is beneficial with its clean burn and no toxins or pollutants.


    Note:  To ensure a long-lasting candle, burn until you have a full melt pool of wax.  Do this with each use and especially on your initial burn to prevent tunneling and memory rings.  Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4".

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