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Handmade Candles

Handmade Candles with Scents to Warm Your Soul

Your favorite places almost always are associated with a singular scent. Give your home its own identity with hand-poured candles by Chateau Charmant Interiors, LLC. Along with handmade linen sprays, home cologne, and sachets crafted from fresh lavender, you will discover aromas not found on the shelf at the mall. We use safe, eco-friendly coconut and soy wax and blend it with scents such as Rose & Oud, White Mahogany, and Velvet Moss & Citrus. Light one and wrap yourself up in happy memories.


Luxury Lighting Accents including Lamps and Long-burning Candles

When inviting guests into your home, add flickers of charm throughout your space with luxury lighting ideas. Not only do we carry jar candles from multiple small makers, we also curate a limited line of lamps. Find the shape that echoes the decor theme of the room or opt for the subtle depth of brushed metal to reflect the flame of a nearby candle. We also stock beautiful candle holders for that polished presence even after the candle has burned down.

Place an Elegant Accent Table Beneath Your New Interior Decor Items

Is your home missing a small spot to place one of our candles? Explore our collection of small accent tables. A nesting pair provides a spot for your drinks at all times and offers an impromptu place for guests or occasional decor. We love tables and are always adding fun new finds topped in wood, tile, and stone. If you keep scrolling, you just might find a gold framed mirror to complete that corner of your home that is often lost in darkness.

If you are struggling to find the exact candle, table or lighting accent in our shop, give Chateau Charmant Interiors, LLC a click or call! We would love to help you find the perfect piece to complete your interior decor design.

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