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The RIGHT way to burn a candle...

Once you choose a high-quality, non-toxic candle with the right type of wax--like our private label candle collection with premium coconut and soy wax--there are just a few steps you should follow to maximize the enjoyment and mileage you get from your candles:

  1. Trim the wick--every single time! Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4" each time you burn a candle. Trimmed wicks give you a cleaner, brighter burn and keep the flame under control. On the other hand, untrimmed wicks are more likely to form a mushroom shape that dulls and obscures the flame; they are also more likely to cause smoky stains on your candle jar, especially if you are burning toxic candles that contain paraffin.

  2. Burn the candle until you have a full melt pool of wax, and always keep the wick positioned in the center of the candle. Do this with each use and especially on your initial burn to prevent tunneling and memory rings. This may take a few hours, so don't burn your candle unless you have time to truly enjoy it. Otherwise, you'll waste the lovely fragrance and burn time of the candle, as tunneling continues to worsen each time you burn the candle.

  3. Keep the flame away from drafts. Do your best to place your candle away from fans, air conditioning vents, open windows, and high-traffic areas. Moving air will disturb the flame and cause the candle to burn unevenly and may also lead to more unsightly black marks on the candle glass.

We hope this helps you to enjoy your candles even longer. Now burn your candles properly and enjoy!

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