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Yearlong Gratitude Journal

Yearlong Gratitude Journal

SKU: STA-007-0008

Boost your happiness levels by jotting down the good stuff in your day in this Yearlong Gratitude Journal.  Taking a couple of minutes to jot down three good things about your day has been proven to raise your base happiness level and keep it up.  With 52 undated pages for your weekly gratitude practice, this journal will last you an entire year, and you can start it whenever you like.  Recognizing that there were at least a few good moments in even the hardest days might sound simple, but it has a great impact!  Your gratitude moments could be as simple as having ten minutes' peace with a cup of tea, finishing an important task on your to do list, or having a enjoyable family dinner together.  There is no right or wrong way to fill in this notebook.  You just need to look for the good in your day; it will be there somewhere!  Each page has space for you to write a week's worth of gratitudes with seven 'Today I am thankful for…' sections, and space to jot down what you appreciated the most.  Here's to happiness!


    Size:  5.75" x 8.25"


    • 52 undated pages
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